Reliable Tyre Recycling That Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Efficient, Environmentally Friendly Solutions from a Long-Established Tyre Recycling Company in Brentwood, Essex

Collecting and Recycling Tyres in an Eco-Friendly Manner

Traditionally, used tyres have been dumped onto the ground in landfill  sites. This inefficient, space-consuming procedure causes issues that are harmful to the environment. Thankfully, our experts in tyre recycling provide an environmentally friendly alternative. We recycle tyre waste to dramatically reduce landfill, and deliver a first-class, rapid response. Look no further than us when you require tyre disposal, repair, recycling, or collection.

Contact us, in Brentwood, Essex, to learn more about the reliable tyre collectors who operate our established tyre recycling company.

About Us

Many do not realise that rubber tyres are among the most harmful, difficult-to-dispose-of pieces of debris. Therefore, it is essential that tyres are treated in an eco-friendly manner. That’s why, at A&C TYRE COLLECTION SERVICE, in Brentwood, Essex, we specialise in tyre recycling to safely dispose of damaged or unwanted tyres. For more than 25 years, our diligent tyre collectors have removed tyres from shops, garages, and commercial premises. As proud members of the Road Haulage  Association™, we recycle all styles of tyre, making certain that they are recycled correctly and harmlessly.